.36 Management.

A. The application documents shall include a list of the individuals who will be responsible for the operation of the racetrack.

B. For each individual listed under §A of this regulation, the documents shall:

(1) Include a set of the individual's fingerprints;

(2) Include the information required of an individual under Regulations .10—.12 of this chapter; and

(3) State the individual's experience and qualifications in:

(a) The racing industry, including pari-mutuel operations,

(b) General business,

(c) Finance and accounting, and

(d) Security.

C. The application documents shall include a copy of any written employment contract or state the terms of any oral employment agreement regarding employees of the racetrack.

D. The documents required under §C of this regulation shall fully describe all benefit packages and incentives paid to an employee of the racetrack.

E. The application documents shall include an organizational chart of the management personnel and the job description, compensation, proposed percentage ownership, and qualifications for each position.

F. For each individual who has been hired to fill a key management position, the documents shall include a resume and state the total number of years experience the individual has in:

(1) Pari-mutuel racing;

(2) Non-pari-mutuel racing; and

(3) Other businesses relevant to the management position.

G. The application documents shall describe any training program for management personnel required or provided by the applicant.

H. If the applicant intends to contract with a person or management company to manage the racetrack, the application documents shall include:

(1) A copy of the written contract;

(2) A description of the person or company's previous experience operating a pari-mutuel racetrack; and

(3) All the information required by this regulation as it pertains to the person or company and its employees.

I. The application documents shall describe the applicant's plans to include small businesses and minority-owned businesses in its construction and operations.

J. The documents shall include a statement of the applicant's affirmative action plan.