.34 Financial Forecasts.

A. Based upon the experiences of one or more operating racetracks, the application documents shall include a financial forecast regarding the operation of the proposed racetrack and pari-mutuel wagering for each of the first 5 years after a license is granted and operations are started.

B. The financial forecasts required under §A of this regulation shall include:

(1) Forecasts of revenues, expenses, changes in capital accounts, and cash flows;

(2) A projected balance sheet incorporating the financial forecast for each year for which a financial forecast is made stating the assets, liabilities, and amount of capital of the applicant, based on certain variables including:

(a) Average daily attendance,

(b) Average daily handle,

(c) Average per capita wager,

(d) Average number of admissions, including ticket price and free admission,

(e) The shares for the State and the association from the pari-mutuel handle,

(f) Minimum purse schedule,

(g) Payroll,

(h) Taxes,

(i) Cost of interest,

(j) Cost of insurance, legal, and accounting services,

(k) Cost of operating supplies and services,

(l) Cost of maintenance and repairs,

(m) Cost of totalisator services and pari-mutuel operations,

(n) Advertising and promotion expenses,

(o) Travel expenses, and

(p) Equipment depreciation.

C. The financial forecasts required under this regulation shall be prepared by a certified public accountant and follow a format supplied by the Commission.

D. The financial forecasts shall include a report on the forecasts prepared by an independent certified public accountant and both shall be in accordance with the Guide for Prospective Financial Statements, published by the Financial Forecasts and Projections Task Force of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

E. The application documents shall state the qualifications and background of the accountant who prepared the report submitted under this regulation.

F. The application documents shall describe the criteria that were used to select the comparable racetracks for purposes of determining the information supplied under §B(2) of this regulation.

G. The application documents shall include a projection of break-even operations prepared on the basis of cash flow from operations after debt service.

H. The projections required under §G of this regulation shall be prepared using the same number of race days, simulcast only days, per capita handle, and other assumptions used in the financial forecasts and shall express the break-even point in terms of attendance per race day and simulcast only day.