.27 Facilities for Horses and Personnel.

A. The application documents shall describe the:

(1) Facilities for stabling horses;

(2) Facilities for obtaining specimens for testing horses and humans for drugs;

(3) Prerace holding area and paddock;

(4) Facilities for owners, trainers, and other racetrack personnel;

(5) Facilities for a racetrack chaplain;

(6) Lounge area, educational facilities, and other recreational facilities for racetrack personnel;

(7) Facilities for jockeys and drivers;

(8) Stand for the racing judges or stewards and the work areas for representatives of the Commission;

(9) Size and composition of the planned path for horses from the stable area to the prerace holding area, paddock, racetrack, and test barn;

(10) Areas and equipment in and around the stable area where horses may be cooled out or leisurely exercised, such as gallops, grass paddocks, pastures, wood chip trails, or electric walkers;

(11) Equine and human ambulances and the location of a covered area for the equine and human ambulances; and

(12) Child care facilities for the patrons or the licensees, if provided.

B. The application documents shall describe the applicant's plans for maintaining and cleaning the facilities for horses and employees.