.24 Racetrack Dimensions.

A. The application documents shall state the dimensions and specifications of each racetrack to be provided on association grounds, including the:

(1) Total length;

(2) Width;

(3) Banking, with a description of the method of transition into and out of turns;

(4) Radius of each turn and the length of each stretch and chute;

(5) Type of inside and outside rail;

(6) Composition and depth of the base, subsurface, and cushion of the racetrack with a schematic drawing of the racing surface;

(7) Drainage system for the racing surface;

(8) Location and design of the video towers;

(9) Location and method of closing gaps in the rail;

(10) Location of lighting for the racetrack;

(11) Type of turf for a turf racetrack; and

(12) Method by which the track will be winterized.

B. The application documents shall describe the racing surface maintenance plan and the maintenance equipment, including equipment to water the racetrack.