.07 Format.

A. The application documents shall be in printed or typewritten form on 81/2 by 11 inch paper.

B. Architectural drawings shall be submitted on 11 by 17 inch paper, folded to 81/2 by 11 inches.

C. The regulation and section of the regulation that requires the submission of a document shall be noted at the top of each page of the document.

D. Photographs shall be supplied of any three-dimensional exhibits.

E. The documents shall be submitted in three-ring binders, consisting of:

(1) Three volumes for Phase I as follows:

(a) Volume 1: Personal and Background Information,

(b) Volume 2: Ownership, and

(c) Volume 3: Financial Matters; and

(2) Four volumes for Phase II as follows:

(a) Volume 4: Executive Summary,

(b) Volume 5: Site and Facilities,

(c) Volume 6: Operations,

(d) Volume 7: Safety and Security.

F. Each volume listed under §E of this regulation shall be titled and contain a table of contents and dividers to clearly designate the various regulations covered in the volume.

G. The documents within each volume shall be consecutively paginated.

H. The Executive Summary shall reference the information submitted in Phases I and II, and shall contain:

(1) An index of the entire application;

(2) A table submitted on a form supplied by the Commission which contains information regarding the ownership and contributions of each officer, director, partner, or owner with an interest of 2 percent or more in the applicant; and

(3) A table submitted on a form supplied by the Commission containing an attendance and wagering summary of information broken down by breed of racing and coordinated with the information submitted in the financial forecasts as required under Regulation .34 of this chapter.