.06 Phase I Documents and Information.

The following documents and information, sworn before a notary public as to the truth and validity by the applicant or, if the applicant is not an individual, by the chief executive officer of the applicant, shall be submitted to the Commission in Phase I:

A. A completed application form obtained from the Commission which shall provide for:

(1) The name of the applicant;

(2) The address of the principal office of the applicant in Maryland;

(3) The exact location of the proposed racetrack;

(4) A detailed description of the proposed racetrack and racetrack facilities;

(5) Operational plans, including the:

(a) Type of racing,

(b) Number of days of live racing,

(c) Number of races per day, and

(d) Number of days of simulcast racing; and

(6) A projected satellite simulcast betting network;

B. The information required under:

(1) Regulations .10-----.12 of this chapter regarding personal and financial background;

(2) Regulations .13-----.18 0f this chapter regarding ownership; and

(3) Regulations .29-----.34 of this chapter regarding financial matters, including audited financial statements;

C. A time schedule estimating when each of the following tasks will begin and end following an approval by the Commission to proceed to Phase II:

(1) Acquiring land;

(2) Soliciting bids;

(3) Awarding construction contracts;

(4) Construction;

(5) Hiring management personnel;

(6) Staffing and implementing a marketing plan;

(7) Training staff; and

(8) Obtaining all necessary local use permits from governmental authorities including zoning and liquor sales;

D. The applicant's business structure, including an organizational chart;

E. A statement that the applicant accepts the risk of adverse publicity, embarrassment, criticism, or other circumstance, including financial loss, that may result from action by the Commission regarding the application;

F. An express and irrevocable waiver of claims against the Commission, its members and employees, and the State of Maryland from each individual who provides information under Regulation .10 of this chapter for any damages that may result from actions, errors, or omissions by the Commission regarding the application;

G. A list containing the name, type of service rendered or expected to be rendered, and costs incurred to date and any additional projected costs of all paid consultants, including, but not limited to, veterinary, racetrack design or maintenance, management, marketing, legal, or legislative services:

(1) Used by the applicant during the 3-year period preceding the date the application was filed; and

(2) Expected to be used by the applicant to prepare for a hearing on the application and to prepare the racetrack for racing; and

H. The name, address, and telephone number of the individual designated by the applicant as the primary contact person for the Commission during the application process.