.02 Requirements for Permit Application.

A. An application for a satellite simulcast betting permit shall be submitted on a form provided by the Commission.

B. With the application, the applicant shall submit:

(1) A nonrefundable application fee in the amount of $500 by means of a certified or cashier's check;

(2) An affidavit to the effect that the applicant will pay, in advance, directly to the provider, any costs incurred for those professional services used by the Commission in the processing of the application;

(3) A contract with the applicable track licensee assuring the applicant the:

(a) Right to the simulcast signal if the permit is granted, and

(b) Operation of the pari-mutuel function at the applicant's facility by the track licensee if the permit is granted;

(4) Contracts, if any, with the persons denoted by Business Regulation Article, § 11-827, Annotated Code of Maryland, which contain the duration and amount of the takeout to be allocated to the permittee for the costs of operating the satellite simulcast betting facility for which the permittee may be reimbursed, such as:

(a) Salaries;

(b) Utilities;

(c) Repairs and maintenance; and

(d) Other expenses agreed upon between the permittee and a person denoted by Business Regulation Article, § 11-827, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(5) The location, capacity, and availability of parking for the facility to be used for satellite simulcast betting;

(6) The address and proof of ownership of the premises where satellite simulcast betting is to be conducted, or a lease agreement for the use of the premises as a satellite simulcast betting facility;

(7) Proof that the use of the facility for satellite simulcast betting complies with:

(a) Local zoning laws or ordinances; and

(b) Ordinances including, but not limited to, those dealing with health and the sale of alcoholic beverages;

(8) Financial feasibility studies for the operation of satellite simulcast betting at the location designated;

(9) Architectural and interior design plans of the facility for which satellite simulcast betting is being requested;

(10) Details relating to food and beverage service at the proposed facility, including:

(a) Approximate number of personnel, by category, to be employed in this service;

(b) Concept of food service;

(c) Type of menu items to be offered;

(d) Seating plan; and

(e) Other information the applicant considers appropriate;

(11) If the proposed facility is within a 35-mile radius of a mile thoroughbred or harness track in Maryland, the written consent of:

(a) Each mile thoroughbred and harness track in Maryland within whose 35-mile radius the facility will be located;

(b) The groups that represent a majority of the applicable:

(i) Owners and trainers licensed in the State, and

(ii) Breeders in the State; and

(12) Other information requested by the Commission.