.01 Purpose and Intent Concerning Minority Participation.

A. Purpose. The purpose of these regulations is to implement the provisions of Business Regulation Article, § 11-815--11-832, Annotated Code of Maryland (Satellite Simulcast Betting), in a nondiscriminatory manner, by specifying the procedures to be used in the application for, and the granting and renewal of, a satellite simulcast betting permit, as well as the terms and conditions of a satellite simulcast betting permit.

B. Intent Concerning Minority Participation. The Commission shall carry out the provisions of this chapter in a manner that complies with the intent of the General Assembly in enacting the Maryland Horse Racing Act of 1992 (Chapter 473, Acts of 1992), including the intent regarding minority participation, specifically to:

(1) Provide equal opportunity for the inclusion of minority applicants;

(2) Be nondiscriminatory in the selection of permit holders to operate satellite simulcast betting; and

(3) Ensure that all satellite simulcast betting facility permit holders not discriminate in the employment of services for the development, construction, operation, and maintenance of these facilities.