.19 Workers' Compensation.

A. A person applying for a license who employs one or more individuals in a racing-related activity shall have Workers' Compensation insurance as required by Maryland law unless the applicant's sole employee is a spouse.

B. An applicant for a license under §A of this regulation shall list the following on the license application:

(1) Name of the insurance company;

(2) Name of the agent;

(3) Policy number; and

(4) Policy expiration date.

C. A licensee shall notify the Commission in writing, not less than 5 days before the effective date, of:

(1) A change to the information furnished under §B of this regulation;

(2) The cancellation of the policy; or

(3) The nonrenewal of the policy.

D. A licensee, not employing one or more individuals in a racing-related activity when the licensee applied for a license, but who subsequently becomes the employer of one or more of these individuals, shall immediately:

(1) Obtain the required insurance coverage; and

(2) Furnish the Commission licensing office with the information required under §B of this regulation.