.44 Pari-Mutuels.

A. The Maryland Racing Commission, acting under authority of the law creating it, hereby establishes the pari-mutuel system as the only legal system of wagering on harness races on all harness racing tracks in the State over which it has jurisdiction.

B. Associations shall use vending machines for the sale of pari-mutuel tickets unless otherwise authorized by the Commission. All associations shall use a totalisator approved by the Commission. A totalisator may not be deemed one of approved design unless it is capable of:

(1) Registering by automatic electric or mechanical means on central aggregators all wagers made on each horse, each entry, or the field, in each of the straight, place, or show pools; and

(2) Displaying the registered totals so as to permit ready tabulation by the Commission's representative.

C. The controls necessary to operate the infield board, and other similar boards, relative to the way the horses finish (if the finish is being contested, if there is a photo, dead heat and time of race) are to be located in the judge's stand and controlled by the presiding judge or an associate judge designated to do so.

D. Definitions. For the purpose of pari-mutuel wagering, every heat shall be a separate and distinct race. Where the term "race" is used in these rules, it shall be considered to apply as if the term "heat" or "dash" had been used.

E. The race becomes "official" when the "official" sign is purposely displayed by the judges.