.39 Veterinarians.

A. The Commission shall designate and employ a Chief Veterinarian and other veterinarians it considers necessary, and assign the veterinarians to serve at a Maryland track when live racing is conducted at the track.

B. A veterinarian employed by the Commission shall:

(1) Visually examine a horse appearing in the day's entries while the horse is warming up on the track before the race in which it is to run;

(2) Be in the paddock before a race and visually inspect the horses in the race;

(3) Report a horse's racing condition to the presiding judge, if, in the opinion of the veterinarian:

(a) The horse is not in condition to race; or

(b) By racing, the horse may cause injury to:

(i) Itself,

(ii) Its driver, or

(iii) Other participants in the race;

(4) Ensure that blood is drawn for testing purposes from the horses designated by the presiding judge or the Commission; and

(5) Perform examinations and tests that, from time to time, may be required by the presiding judge.

C. A horse reported to the presiding judge in accordance with §B(3) of this regulation shall be:

(1) Scratched out of the race by the presiding judge;

(2) Automatically placed on the veterinarian's list; and

(3) Prohibited from entering until the veterinarian notifies the presiding judge that the horse is again fit to compete.

D. If an individual connected to a horse entered in a race prevents the horse from being examined, the presiding judge shall:

(1) Be notified; and

(2) Order the horse scratched from the race.

E. Restrictions on Veterinarians Employed by the Commission.

(1) A veterinarian in the employ of the Commission is not permitted to treat or prescribe for a horse on the grounds of, or registered to race at, a track under the jurisdiction of the Commission, except in the case of an emergency.

(2) When a veterinarian in the employ of the Commission treats a horse under the exception to §E(1) of this regulation, a full and complete report shall be made to the presiding judge.

(3) A person licensed by the Commission may not employ or pay compensation to a veterinarian in the employ of the Commission, either directly or indirectly, during the period for which the veterinarian is so employed.

F. Practicing Veterinarians.

(1) An individual is not allowed to practice as a veterinarian on the grounds of a racing association that is under the jurisdiction of the Commission until the individual has obtained a license from the Commission to practice.

(2) An individual licensed by the Commission to practice veterinary medicine at a track under its jurisdiction is subject to the:

(a) Standards of conduct and ethics prescribed by the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners and those standards prescribed in Agriculture Article, §2-310, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(b) Provisions of COMAR and Regulation .19 of this chapter.

(3) A veterinarian practicing at a track under the jurisdiction of the Commission shall file a report with the judges as to any medication prescribed or administered, or professional service performed.

(4) A report filed in accordance with §F(3) of this regulation shall:

(a) Be delivered in person or postmarked within 48 hours after the time of treatment; and

(b) Remain confidential, except that:

(i) A Commission veterinarian may compile general data from the report to assist the Commission in formulating policies or rules, and

(ii) The judges may review the report in investigating a possible violation of the regulations.