.38 Trainer-Driver.

A. Each trainer-driver shall obtain a license from the Commission. Before issuance of a license, a trainer-driver may be required to satisfy the Commission of his financial responsibility. A trainer-driver shall maintain his financial responsibility so long as he is licensed by the Commission.

B. A trainer-driver may not practice his profession except under his own name.

C. The presiding judge may permit a trainer-driver to act, after an application has been filed, pending action on his application.

D. A licensed trainer-driver and driver may represent the owner in the matter of entries, declarations, and the employment of drivers.

E. A trainer-driver shall have his horse in the paddock at the time appointed.

F. A trainer-driver may not have in charge or under his supervision any horse owned, in whole or in part, by a disqualified person.

G. A trainer-driver may not accept, directly or indirectly, any bribe, gift, or gratuity in any form which might influence the result of any race or which would tend to do so.

H. A trainer-driver may not employ a driver for the purpose of preventing him from driving in any race.

I. Trainer-drivers having charge, custody, or care of a horse or horses are obligated to properly protect the horses and guard against any violation of the Corrupt Practices Rules. The trainer-driver is responsible at all times for the condition of all horses trained by him.

J. Trainer-drivers who make frivolous complaints may be fined or suspended by the presiding judge.

K. When any person subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission is formally charged with violation of the racing rules or any criminal statute of this or any other state, the Commission may suspend him until the charge has been tried, dismissed, or otherwise disposed of. When a person subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission is convicted of a criminal offense, in this or any other state, or the United States, the Commission may suspend or revoke the person's license.