.37 Trainers.

A. Licensing.

(1) An individual wishing to apply for a license as a trainer shall make application under the individual's legal name.

(2) Requirements for Licensing. To be licensed as a trainer, an individual shall:

(a) Be 18 years old or older;

(b) Be financially responsible; and

(c) Provide proof of ability to act as a trainer.

B. A licensed trainer shall maintain financial responsibility while licensed.

C. A trainer shall be responsible at all times for the condition of a horse under the trainer's care.

D. Repealed.

E. A trainer may not harbor or employ an individual on the grounds of a racing association that is under the jurisdiction of the Commission if the individual is not licensed by the Commission.

F. A trainer shall:

(1) Attend a horse under the trainer's care when the horse is in the paddock;

(2) Be present to supervise the horse's harnessing, unless the trainer has obtained the permission of a judge to assign the responsibility for harnessing the horse to another licensed trainer; and

(3) Remain the absolute insurer of a horse the trainer has entered.

G. The presiding judge may permit a trainer to act, after an application has been filed, pending action on the trainer's application.

H. A horse under the care of a trainer whose license is suspended or revoked is ineligible to participate in a race, unless permission has been given by the authority which issued the suspension or revocation to transfer the horse to the care of a trainer in good standing.

I. A licensed trainer may not:

(1) Take or keep in the trainer's charge a horse owned, wholly or in part, or controlled by a person unlicensed as an owner; or

(2) Serve as the trainer of record for a horse not under the trainer's active care and supervision.

J. An individual who is responsible for the training of a horse but who is not licensed as a trainer or, if so licensed, is not listed as the trainer of the horse on the entry form may be sanctioned by the Commission.