.26 Paddock Access and Restrictions.

A. Individuals, other than officials and Commission employees whose duties require their presence in the paddock, shall be denied access to the paddock except for:

(1) Individuals authorized by the judges to enter the paddock; and

(2) Licensed individuals associated with a horse required to be in the paddock, such as a:

(a) Driver,

(b) Groom,

(c) Owner,

(d) Trainer, and

(e) Veterinarian.

B. Horses.

(1) A horse scheduled to race shall be in the paddock the earlier of the following:

(a) The time required by the presiding judge; or

(b) 1 hour before the post time of the race in which the horse is to compete.

(2) A horse that is in the paddock according to § B(1) of this regulation may not leave except to:

(a) Exercise on the racetrack on which the race is to be contested; or

(b) Participate in the race for which the horse was entered.

C. A horse shall be accompanied by the horse's trainer or another licensed trainer designated by the horse's trainer at all times during the horse's stay in the paddock.