.24 Officials.

A. For each day of live racing during a race meeting, the officials on duty shall be:

(1) One presiding judge and two associate judges;

(2) Commission veterinarians;

(3) Two patrol judges;

(4) One program director;

(5) One clerk of the course;

(6) One starter;

(7) An official timer;

(8) A paddock judge;

(9) A racing secretary and handicapper;

(10) A licensed charter; and

(11) An identifier.

B. Subject to the approval of the presiding judge, an individual may perform more than one of the functions listed under §A(3)—(11) of this regulation.

C. Identifier. It shall be the duty of the identifier to check the identification of all horses coming into the paddock in accordance with Regulation .18 of this chapter and to report any discrepancy immediately to the paddock judge, who shall report the matter immediately to the presiding judge.

D. The presiding judge shall be the senior official at all race meetings and shall supervise the conduct of the racing and shall at all times have access to all parts of the course, plant, and grounds.

E The judges under §A(1) of this regulation may not:

F. It shall be the duty of all the judges to enforce the rules and regulations of the Commission and the rules and regulations of the United States Trotting Association, and they shall have the power of expulsion, suspension, or fine as provided in the rules and regulations.

G. Any official designated by the Commission or by an association may be removed by the Commission in its discretion.

H. In any emergency due to the incapacity or absence of any judge, the other judges at the meeting may appoint a substitute judge to serve in his place, pending a new designation by the Commission.

I. Duties.

(1) The judges shall have general supervision over racing and over owners, trainers, drivers, grooms, and other persons licensed by the Commission and also over all other officials of the meeting.

(2) The judges shall have the power to punish, for a violation of these regulations, a person subject to their control either by:

(a) Suspension of the privilege of attending the races during the meeting;

(b) Suspension from acting or driving for a period not exceeding 90 days;

(c) Fine not exceeding $2,500; or

(d) Fine and suspension.

(3) If they consider necessary any further punishment or additional fine, they shall so report to the Maryland Racing Commission.

(4) In determining the penalty to be imposed, the judges shall consider the:

(a) Seriousness of the violation;

(b) Harm caused by the violation;

(c) Good faith or lack of good faith of the licensee; and

(d) Licensing history of the licensee.

(5) When there are occurrences in violation of the rules of racing at a meeting that has terminated that do not come to the attention of the judges until the meeting has closed, it shall be their duty to investigate and report their findings to the Commission.

J. The decision of a majority of the judges on any question shall prevail.

K. The associate judges, if and when directed by the presiding judge, shall be at the office building on the grounds of the association where the race meeting is being held not later than the specified scratch time, or at such other times as he may direct, to conduct hearings and to perform any other duties that may be imposed upon them by the Rules of Racing.

L. The clerk of the course shall be in the judges' stand at least 15 minutes before post time of the first race and shall remain until after the last race, unless excused by the presiding judge.

M. Announcers shall be in the announcer's stand not later than 15 minutes before the first live race of the day in order to announce any changes to the printed information on the program as these changes are received and to make other announcements as directed by the presiding judge.