.22 Number of Starters.

A. In all overnight events, the number of starters in any race shall be limited to the number agreed upon by the Association and the horsemen's organization, and approved by the Commission. If more than the agreed upon and approved number of horses are declared in to start under the conditions, all of the entry blanks shall be placed in a box and the presiding judge, or an associate judge designated by him, shall draw out the number of entry blanks and the number so drawn shall constitute the field eligible to start. In addition to the number so drawn, the presiding judge, or an associate judge designated by him, shall draw out of the box two additional entries or declarations, and the two so drawn shall be also eligible in the event of a scratch or withdrawal of one or two of the eight drawn originally to start. If only one eligible is needed to fill, the judges shall then determine, by drawing, the one eligible to start. An also eligible permitted to start shall be assigned an outside post position. When more horses are declared in a race than are allowed to start, those horses failing to be allowed to start shall be given preferential rights to start on a succeeding day in the next race scheduled for the same class of horses, as provided in Regulation .17B of this chapter. A horse may not be added to a race as an also eligible unless the horse was drawn as such at the time the declaration closed.

B. In stakes events, the number of starters shall be limited to 13. If there are more than 13 entries, then the race shall be divided. Tier starting in entries of more than eight shall be permitted with eight horses in the first tier, and the remainder in the second. The tier positions shall be determined by the post positions as drawn by the judges.

C. Position of horses at the post shall be determined in public by lot under the direction of and in a manner prescribed by the judges, at the close of the entries.

D. Horses shall take their positions at the post in the order in which their names have been drawn by lot; but vicious and unruly horses may be placed on the outside by the starter if, by so doing, a better start may be obtained.

E. A horse may not be excused from the parade or introduction, and each horse shall parade in the order of his post position unless excused by the judges.