.19 Licenses and Registrations.

A. The following persons are required to take out a license from, or register with, the Commission:

(1) Licenses:

(a) Trainer;

(b) Owner;

(c) Driver;

(d) Farrier;

(e) Pari-mutuel employee;

(f) Stable employee;

(g) Track employee;

(h) Veterinarian;

(i) Vendor;

(j) Track manager.

(2) Registrations:

(a) Authorized agent;

(b) Corporate or stable name.

B. License and Registration Expiration.

(1) A license or registration issued under §A(1)(a)—(c) or §A(2) of this regulation shall expire on December 31 of the final year for which it was issued.

(2) A license issued under §A(1)(d)—(j) of this regulation shall expire on June 30 of each year.