.15 Drivers.

A. An individual may not drive in a race unless licensed to do so by the Commission.

B. An individual may not be granted a license to drive under any name other than the individual's legal name.

C. A horse may not appear upon the track within 1 hour preceding post time of the first event of the day unless the driver of the horse is dressed in colors.

D. A driver wearing colors may not:

(1) Leave the paddock, except to drive, until all of the driver's engagements are fulfilled and the colors removed;

(2) Enter the public areas of the racetrack without the permission of the judges; and

(3) Partake of intoxicating beverages or controlled dangerous substances.

E. A driver wearing colors but not competing in a particular race may view the race from the stand as provided under Regulation .16 of this chapter.

F. The driver of a horse in a race:

(1) Shall endeavor to win;

(2) Shall drive the horse in a manner to achieve the best possible position at the end of the race;

(3) Shall set or maintain a pace comparable to the class in which the driver is racing and violates this provision by:

(a) Going an excessively slow quarter, or any other distance, that changes the normal pattern, overall timing, or general outcome of the race, or

(b) Failing to react to the pace;

(4) May not drive the horse in a careless or indifferent manner;

(5) May not drive the horse in an inconsistent manner compared to an established pattern of prior performances;

(6) May not drive a horse so as to perpetuate or aid in a fraud; and

(7) May not bet on the race, except:

(a) To win on the horse the driver is scheduled to drive, and

(b) Through the owner or trainer of that horse.

G. A driver under a contract of employment may not drive for a person other than the driver's employer in a race where a horse is entered which is:

(1) Owned or trained by the driver's employer;

(2) In the same stable as that of the driver's employer; or

(3) Under the same management as that of the driver's employer.

H. A driver shall wear an approved helmet with the chin strap fastened while driving in a race.

I. An approved helmet under §H of this regulation is one that is manufactured in accordance with the:

(1) 1984 Standard for Protective Headgear (Snell Memorial Foundation);

(2) Laboratory Procedure for Motorcycle Helmet Testing (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218, U.S. Department of Transportation); or

(3) Specification for Headgear Used in Horse Sports and Horseback Riding (ASTM Standard F085.53, Draft #4, 1986).