.14 Drawing or Scratching Horses.

A. A horse may not be withdrawn from a race after having been declared in, except by permission from the presiding judge representing the Maryland Racing Commission. Before allowing the withdrawal of any horse or horses, the presiding judge shall cause him to be examined by the veterinarian of the Commission, who shall report to the presiding judge. If a horse fails to start without having received permission to withdraw, the horse may be suspended together with the owner and trainer and the case may be referred to the Racing Commission for disposition. The Commission may expel, suspend, and fine, in an amount not exceeding $500, the owner and trainer of the horse, and may continue the suspension of the horse.

B. Every horse whose starting is obligatory is expected to run the course, except that the judges may order the withdrawal of a horse at any time up to the actual start of a race to protect the public interest.