.08 Claiming.

A. The following persons may claim:

(1) An individual that the Commission licenses as an owner;

(2) An entity that has established its qualifications to claim by filing an application for licensure as an owner and has been approved by the judges to claim; and

(3) An authorized agent of a qualified owner.

B. A person seeking to effect a false claim by inducing another to claim a horse for him is subject to the penalties provided by §E of this regulation.

C. In claiming races, any horse is subject to being claimed for its entered price, except by the owner of the horse, and owners having the same trainer are not allowed to claim any horse in that trainer's custody.

C-1. A valid claim shall be:

(1) In writing;

(2) Enclosed in a sealed envelope; and

(3) Deposited in a locked box provided for this purpose by the clerk of the course at least 10 minutes before the post time for the race in which a horse to be claimed is to participate.

D. If a horse is claimed:

(1) It may be entered in a race at a claiming price determined by its new owner;

(2) A right, title, or interest in it may not be sold or transferred except in a claiming race for a period of 30 days following the date of the claim; and

(3) It may not be raced outside of the State until one of the following occurs:

(a) If the horse was claimed from a race that took place at:

(i) Rosecroft, 60 days expire from the date of the claim,

(ii) Ocean Downs, 30 days expire from the date of the claim; or

(b) The meet at which the horse was claimed ends.

E. The judges may void a claim and impose any other penalty authorized by these regulations for a violation of the claiming rules.

F. Claiming Conditions.

(1) Conditions and allowances in claiming races may be based on any criteria established by the racing secretary.

(2) Maiden claiming races shall be restricted to horses that are younger than 6 years old.

(3) Optional claiming races may be carded for horses of any age.

G. A claim shall be voided if a horse is a starter and the horse:

(1) Dies on the racetrack; or

(2) Suffers an injury which requires the euthanasia of the horse, as determined by a State veterinarian, while the horse is on the racetrack.