.89 Roulette Wager.

A. The Roulette Wager shall be held as a separate pool in every race in which it is offered. It is a single-price pool that requires the selection of the designated group that includes the betting interest member that is the first-place finisher for a single contest.

B. For each race in which this wager is offered:

(1) The association shall designate each betting interest as a member of one of three clearly named groups: Red. Black, or Green;

(2) The pool shall be distributed as a single-price pool to those correctly selecting the group that includes the betting interest member that finished in first place in that contest; and

(3) The association shall, before betting is open, provide to the public, in an easily accessible manner, the identity of the members of Groups Red, Black, and Green. The information will be available in the program and on graphics displays.

C. The payout for a winning Roulette Wager shall be the same regardless of which betting interest member of the group is the firstplace finisher. The probable and actual payoff for a winning bet on Groups Red, Black, and Green shall be displayed in a similar manner as the probable and actual payout for a standard win pool bet.

D. In the event that all of the betting interest members of any group are scratched or declared nonstarters, betting on the Group shall immediately stop and all Roulette Wagers made on the race shall be refunded.

E. In the event of a dead heat for first in a race which includes two or more betting interest members:

(1) Of the same group, the pool shall be distributed in the same manner as if a no dead heat occurred;

(2) Of two different groups, the pool shall be distributed as a place pool; or

(3) If there is a triple dead heat with three different groups, the pool shall be distributed as a show pool.

F. If the calculation or distribution of the pool cannot be determined, the entire pool shall be refunded.

G. The wager will only take place on a race with a minimum sixhorse field.

H. The wager shall be a $2 minimum bet.

I. The takeout may not exceed the amount permitted under Business Regulation Article, 11-514, Annotated Code of Maryland.