.83 Head-to-Head Wager.

A. Definition.

(1) In this regulation, the following term has the meaning indicated.

(2) Term Defined. Head-to-head wager means a bet in which an individual selects one of two designated horses in a particular race to reach the finish line before the other, regardless of the position in which the other horses finish the race.

B. The association shall designate:

(1) Which races a head-to-head wager will be offered; and

(2) Which horses in each race are the selections for the head-to-head wager.

C. Races in which a head-to-head wager is offered shall be:

(1) Approved by the Commission; and

(2) Clearly designated in the program.

D. Horses coupled as a betting entry or horses coupled to constitute a mutual field may not constitute one of the selections in a head-to-head wager.

E. A head-to-head wager is not a parlay and has no connection with, or relation to, any other pari-mutuel pool.

F. A head-to-head wagering pari-mutuel pool shall be considered a regular pari-mutuel pool for the purposes of takeout and the allocation of takeout.

G. Repealed.

H. The entire head-to-head wagering pool shall be refunded if:

(1) One of the designated horses is scratched or declared a nonstarter by the stewards;

(2) A dead heat occurs between the two horses designated for the head-to-head wager; or

(3) Both designated horses fail to finish the race.

I. The rules pertaining to a head-to-head wager shall be:

(1) Prominently displayed in the wagering area; and

(2) Made available to anyone requesting a copy.