.77 Intertrack Wagering.

A. The Commission shall establish a system of intertrack wagering. This system is limited to betting at the racetrack of an association which is not itself conducting the race on which betting is being taken (the "receiving track") on a race which is being conducted live or by simulcast on a licensed racing day at the racetrack of another association (the "sending track"). All betting under this regulation shall take place within the confines of the racetrack of the receiving track.

B. The Commission may permit:

(1) An association desiring to conduct intertrack wagering under this regulation to do so provided that the request is approved by each:

(a) Sending track;

(b) Receiving track;

(c) Group representing a majority of the horsemen:

(i) Then racing at the sending track,

(ii) Who raced at the receiving track at its last meeting;

(2) Wagering under this regulation only between associations licensed under Business Regulation Article, Title 11, Subtitle 5, Part II, Annotated Code of Maryland.

C. Money wagered at the receiving track on races on which intertrack wagering is permitted shall be included in the applicable mutuel pools at the sending track, and shall for all purposes be considered as if wagered at the sending track. Without limiting the generality of the above, computation of the takeout, breakage, and State tax on all wagering at the receiving track shall be the same as that normally applicable to racing conducted at the sending track. All pari-mutuel information regarding the money wagered at the receiving track shall be transmitted by telephone wire directly to the sending track and incorporated with the information on wagering at the sending track.

D. Each race on which intertrack wagering is permitted shall be simulcast live from the sending track to the receiving track via telephone wire, television signal, satellite signal, or other means approved by the Commission.

E. The Commission shall have jurisdiction over all wagering and other activities at the receiving track to the same extent as it has when live racing is being conducted at that facility.

F. Nothing contained in this regulation shall constitute the employees of the receiving track as employees of the sending track.