.60 Estimating Winnings.

A. The winnings of a horse in a stakes race shall be computed on the value of the gross purse.

B. In estimating foreign winnings, the current rate of exchange at the time of those winnings shall be adopted.

C. The value of prizes not in money will not be estimated in the value of the race to the winner.

D. In estimating the value of a series of races in which an extra sum of money or prize is won by winning two or more races, the extra sum or prize shall be estimated in the last race by which it was finally won.

E. In all races, if there is any surplus from entries, or subscriptions over the advertised value, it shall be paid the winner, unless stated by the conditions to go to other horses in the race.

F. Winnings during the year shall include all prizes from the 1st of January preceding to the time appointed for the start, and shall apply to all races in any country. Winnings shall include dividing or walking over.

G. Winning of a fixed sum is understood to be winning it in one race, unless specified to the contrary.

H. In case of a walkover, one-half of the money offered to the winner is given unless otherwise advertised.

I. When a walkover is the result of arrangement by owners of horses engaged, no portion of the added money nor any other prize need be given.

J. Prize Distribution.

(1) Any money or prize which, by the conditions of the race, is to go to the horse placed second, or in any lower place in the race, shall, if the winner has walked over, or no horse has been so placed, be dealt with as follows:

(a) If part of the stake, it shall go to the winner;

(b) If a separate donation from the association or any other source, it may not be given at all; or

(c) If entrance money for the race, it shall go to the association.

(2) If a race is not run or is void, all monies paid by an owner in respect to that race shall be returned.

K. A race may be declared void if no qualified horse covers the course according to rule.