.50 Rules of the Race.

A. During the running of a race:

(1) Unless caused wholly or partly by some other horse, a horse may not:

(a) Carry another horse in or out;

(b) Cross or weave in front of another horse without sufficient clearance;

(c) Jostle another horse;

(d) Intimidate another horse; or

(e) Impede another horse; and

(2) A jockey may not:

(a) Strike another horse or jockey;

(b) Ride in a careless manner; or

(c) Unnecessarily cause the horse the jockey is riding to shorten its stride with a view toward claiming foul against another horse or jockey in the race.

A-1. A horse may be disqualified if it, or the jockey riding it, is involved in a violation of §A of this regulation.

B. When a horse is disqualified under this regulation, every horse in the race belonging wholly or partly to the owner of the disqualified horse may also be disqualified.

C. In addition to being sanctioned for violating other provisions of this regulation, a jockey may be sanctioned if deemed to be responsible for a violation of §A of this regulation.

D. The jockey of a horse participating in a race may delay the results of the race being declared official by notifying an outrider, immediately following the running of the race, of the possibility of a claim of foul.

E. A claim of foul under this regulation may only be made:

(1) By the jockey, the trainer, or the owner of a horse participating in that particular race; and

(2) With the clerk of scales or the stewards before the results of the race being made official.

F. A notification of the possibility of a claim of foul under §D of this regulation or a claim of foul itself may not be frivolous.

G. A jockey against whom a foul is claimed shall be given the opportunity to communicate with the stewards before any decision is made by them.

H. If the stewards perceive that there has been a violation of §A of this regulation, they may take action on their own initiative in the absence of a claim of foul.

I. If the stewards at any time are satisfied that the riding of any race was intentionally foul or that any jockey was instructed or induced so to ride, all persons guilty of complicity shall be suspended and the case shall be reported to the Commission for such additional action as it may consider necessary.

J. If a horse leaves the course, in order to continue to participate in the race, it shall return to the point at which it left and run the course from that point.

K. When one horse pays forfeit for a match, the other need not walk over, but for a sweepstakes, even if all the horses but one have declared forfeit, that horse shall walk over, except by the written consent of all the persons who pay forfeit; in the case of a purse, the consent of the stewards is necessary to dispense with a walkover.

L. When a horse is disqualified, and there is evidence of fraud or attempted fraud, any other horse in the race owned or controlled by the same interest, or trained by the same trainer, also shall be disqualified.

M. If a provision of this regulation is violated, and an offending horse finishes the race in a position entitling it to any part of the purse, the stewards are charged with determining its proper place in the race, or they may disqualify the horse if, in their judgment, the circumstances justify this action.