.47 Veterinarians.

A. A board of veterinarians, consisting of a chief veterinarian, and such other veterinarians as the Commission may deem necessary shall be designated for duty at each Maryland track.

B. A Commission veterinarian shall examine every horse appearing in the day's entries in the stable area before the race in which it is to run and make a report on its racing condition to the stewards.

C. In general, he shall familiarize himself with the racing condition of all entrants and if, in his opinion, any entrant is not in condition to race, he shall notify the stewards.

D. One veterinarian shall be present in the paddock before each race, and he shall inspect each entrant. If, in his opinion, any entrant is not in condition to compete in that race, he shall immediately notify the stewards, who shall order the horse scratched out of the race. The horse automatically goes on the veterinarian's list, and thereafter may not be permitted to enter until the veterinarian notifies the stewards that the horse is again fit to compete.

E. All veterinarians shall be at the disposal of the stewards at scratch time each morning, and shall examine the horses they request, and make reports to them as promptly as possible.

F. One veterinarian shall obtain blood from the horses designated by the stewards or the Racing Commission, and make those examinations and tests that, from time to time, may be required by the stewards.

G. If an owner or trainer objects to a horse in his care undergoing an examination by the Commission veterinarian, that fact shall be reported to the stewards, and that horse shall be eliminated from the race.

H. A veterinarian may not be allowed to practice at the race track of any racing association under the jurisdiction of the Commission until the veterinarian has obtained a license from the Commission. This license shall be applied for and issued annually. The license may be revoked or suspended, for cause, by the Commission.

I. The veterinarians employed by the Commission as the State veterinarians may not be permitted during the term of the veterinarians' employment to treat or prescribe, for any horse on the grounds or registered to race at any race track, for compensation or otherwise except in case of emergency in which case a full and complete report shall be made to the stewards. An owner or trainer may not employ or pay compensation to any veterinarian either directly or indirectly during the period for which he is employed by the Commission. For violation of this rule, the veterinarian, owner, and trainer may be fined, suspended, or have their license revoked after a hearing before the Commission.

J. A veterinarian practicing veterinary medicine on a race track where a race meeting is in progress or scheduled, or at a stabling area under the jurisdiction of the Commission, shall use one-time disposable type needles and shall keep them in his possession until disposed of by him off the track. A person, other than a licensed veterinarian, may not have a needle or syringe of any kind, type, or description or any injectable which might be administered by a needle or syringe on his person or in his custody, control, or possession, or in the custody, control, or possession of any of his employees.

K. Any veterinarian practicing at any Maryland Race Track shall file a report with the stewards as to any medication prescribed or administered or professional service performed. This report shall be filed in person or postmarked within a period of 48 hours from the time of treatment. These daily reports shall remain confidential except that the Commission veterinarian may compile general data from them to assist the Commission in formulating policies or rules, and the stewards may review them in investigating a possible violation of these rules.