.44 Starter.

A. The field of horses in a race shall be in the hands of the starter from the time the field begins to line up for the start until the field is released by the starter.

A-1. When the field is in the hands of the starter, the horses are entitled to no further care from their attendants, except, if circumstances so indicate, the starter may permit the jockeys to dismount and the horses to be cared for until corrective measures have been taken.

B. All orders necessary to secure a fair start shall be given by the starter, including an order to place a vicious or unruly horse in an outside post position, unless the stewards determine that those orders do not permit a fair start.

C. The starter shall report a cause of delay to the stewards.

D. If a starting gate is used, the starter shall load the:

(1) Horses beginning with the horse which has the post position nearest to the inside rail; and

(2) Remaining horses in their assigned post positions in a manner which would result in a fair start.

E. If the number of horses starting in a race does not exceed the capacity of the track, but does exceed the number of stalls in the gate, and an auxiliary gate is not used, the surplus may be started from outside the gate.

F. Except in cases of emergency (recognized as such by the stewards), a starting device, other than the usual stall gate, may not be used in starting a race on the flat. Any substitute shall have the approval of the Commission.

G. Schooling of Horses to the Starting Gate. In order to race, a horse shall:

(1) Be schooled to the starting gate by the starter;

(2) Have the written approval of the starter; and

(3) Be on the starter's list of horses eligible to start.

H. The stewards may fine a jockey for disobedience of orders at the starting post, foul or abusive language to the starter or any assistant, or for attempting any unfair advantage.

I. If an owner or a trainer does not want a horse under the trainer's care to be "tailed" or "tonged" at the starting gate, the owner or trainer shall deliver a written request to that effect to the starter, who shall comply with the request.

J. An individual in the employ of a racing association and assigned to a position involving the starting of horses in a race may not:

(1) Accept money, anything of value, or other compensation from anyone for the services rendered in connection with the individual's assigned duties, except the salary paid by the association;

(2) Bet, either directly or indirectly, on any race; or

(3) Have an interest in any racehorse.