.43 Racing Secretary.

A. The racing secretary shall discharge all duties of his office, expressed or implied, as required by these rules.

B. The racing secretary shall compile an official program for each racing day, which shall state the time fixed for the first race and give the names of the horses which are to run in each of the races of the day.

C. Program.

(1) The program shall indicate:

(a) The order in which each race is to be run;

(b) The purse, conditions, and distance of each race;

(c) The owner, trainer, and jockey of each horse;

(d) Each owner's racing colors;

(e) The weight assigned to each horse;

(f) His number, post position, color, sex, age, and breeding.

(2) The program may show other pertinent data.

D. The racing secretary shall keep a complete record of all races.

E. The racing secretary may receive all entries and declarations.