.42 Placing Judges.

A. At the finish of each race, the placing judges shall be in the stand provided by the association for the observation of the finish of the race.

B. The nose of a horse at the finish line is the determining factor as to the placing of the horse in relation to the other horses in the race.

C. The placing judges may examine a photograph, or other electronic recording, of the finish of the race before making a determination as to the official order of finish.

D. By majority rule, the placing judges shall:

(1) Place not less than five horses, if five or more horses compete;

(2) Place all the horses, if five or fewer horses compete; and

(3) File the official order of finish of each race with the clerk of the course.

E. The official order of finish as determined by the placing judges may be changed by the:

(1) Stewards in the event of the disqualification of one or more horses in the race; and

(2) Placing judges:

(a) If a majority of the placing judges determine that a mistake was made in the original official order of finish;

(b) If the determination is made within 48 hours of the finish of the race exclusive of scheduled dark days; and

(c) If the stewards concur.