.38 Clerk of the Scales.

The clerk of the scales shall:

A. Exhibit the number of each horse for which a jockey has been weighed out and forthwith furnish the starter with a list of these numbers;

B. Weigh all jockeys out and in;

C. Accurately record and publish on the notice board any overweight or any change of jockey, weight, or racing colors, as compared with those stated on the official program and shall promptly supply all proper racing officials with all pertinent changes;

D. Report to the racing secretary after each race the weights carried by each horse in each race, together with the name of each horse's jockey and the overweight carried by any jockey, as well as the post time and running time in each race and other data which may, from time to time, be required;

E. Make riding engagements for jockeys and apprentice jockeys who may desire him to do so;

F. Have in his possession the apprentice jockey copy of the apprentice certificate or contract before he allows the apprentice jockey to ride;

G. If the apprentice jockey wins a race and the apprentice jockey previously had not ridden more than 35 winners, post the date and the race won by the apprentice jockey to the apprentice certificate or contract immediately after the race is made official.