.36 Racing Officials.

A. For each day of live racing during a race meeting, the racing officials on duty shall include:

(1) Three stewards;

(2) Three placing judges;

(3) A clerk of the scales;

(4) One or more patrol judges;

(5) A horse identifier;

(6) A starter;

(7) A paddock judge;

(8) A racing secretary, who may also be the handicapper;

(9) A timer; and

(10) One or more Commission veterinarians.

B. Except for the stewards and Commission veterinarians, the officials specified in §A of this regulation shall be appointed by the association holding the race meeting.

C. The Commission may require, for cause, the removal of an official appointed by an association.

D. A racing official may not officiate in a race if the official, or the spouse of the official, has an interest in a horse which is running in the race.

E. An official at a race meeting shall:

(1) Act with integrity and without bias; and

(2) Receive no remuneration for the proper performance of the official's duties, other than compensation from the official's employer.