.24 Jockey Room Custodian.

A. It is the duty of the jockey room custodian to see to it that order, decorum, and cleanliness are maintained in the jockey and scale rooms.

B. The custodian shall assist the clerk of the scales as he may require.

C. The custodian shall see to it that no persons, other than members of the Commission and its authorized representatives, racing officials, and the necessary jockey room attendants are admitted to the jockey room after 10 a.m. on a day of racing without consent of the stewards.

D. The custodian shall oversee the care and storage of all racing colors, giving written receipts for them when deposited.

E. The custodian shall oversee the jockey attendants and arrange their rotation among jockeys in the matter of weighing out.

F. The custodian shall report to the stewards any irregularities that occur in his province.

G. The custodian shall see to it that jockeys are neat in appearance and attired in keeping with these rules when they leave the room to ride in a race.