.23 Apprentice Jockey.

A. Licensure.

(1) An individual may be granted an original apprentice jockey license and an apprentice certificate by the stewards if the individual:

(a) Is 16 years old or older;

(b) Has never been licensed and has never ridden in a race as a thoroughbred jockey, except under the conditions as provided in §A(2) of this regulation;

(c) When under age, has written parental consent;

(d) Has the certification of two or more licensed trainers that the individual has at least 1 year's experience as an exercise rider;

(e) Passed, within the previous 12 months, a physical examination given by a licensed physician affirming fitness to participate as a jockey, including a baseline concussion test using the most current Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT) testing protocol;

(f) Demonstrates, to the satisfaction of the starter and an accompanying journeyman jockey, the ability to start from the gate and maintain a consistent path around the racetrack; and

(g) After having received an orientation from the stewards, satisfies the stewards that the individual has a sufficient knowledge of:

(i) The rules of racing;

(ii) The procedures in the jockeys' room, paddock, and post parade; and

(iii) The physical problems that may befall a horse during the running of a race.

(2) The results of the physical examination and the baseline test shall be provided by the jockey to the stewards or their designee.

(3) The stewards or their designee may require that any jockey be reexamined.

(4) The stewards may refuse to allow a jockey to ride pending completion of such examination.

(5) After the individual rides in a reasonable number of races as an apprentice jockey, upon proper notice and hearing, the stewards may withdraw a license issued under this regulation based upon the performance of the individual in these races.

A-1. Weight Allowances.

(1) An apprentice jockey, created by contract or certificate, may claim the following weight allowances in all overnight races except handicaps:

(a) 10 pounds beginning with the first mount and continuing until the apprentice has ridden five winners;

(b) 7 pounds after the 5th winner until the 40th winner; and

(c) 5 pounds after the 40th winner until 1 year from the date of the 5th winning mount.

(2) If, after 1 year from the date of the 5th winning mount, the apprentice jockey has not ridden 40 winners, the applicable weight allowance shall continue for 1 more year or until the 40th winner, whichever comes first, but, in no event may the applicable weight allowances be claimed for more than 2 years from the date of the 5th winning mount unless an extension is granted under §A-1(4) of this regulation.

(3) After the completion of conditions under §A-1(1) and (2) of this regulation, for 1 additional year, an apprentice who is under contract to an owner or trainer may claim a 3-pound weight allowance when riding horses owned or trained by the individual who held the contract at the time the apprentice rode the first winner if the contract has not been transferred or sold since the apprentice rode the first winner.

(4) Extension of Apprentice Weight Allowances.

(a) The Commission may extend the weight allowances of an apprentice jockey when, in the discretion of the Commission, this action would be justified because of time lost due to:

(i) A physical disablement;

(ii) Military service;

(iii) Attendance at an institution of secondary or higher learning as a full-time student; or

(iv) Restrictions on horse racing.

(b) In order to qualify for an extension of the apprentice weight allowances, an apprentice jockey shall have been rendered unable to ride for a period of not less than 7 days during the period in which the apprentice was entitled to an apprentice weight allowance.

(c) An apprentice may petition one of the jurisdictions in which the apprentice is licensed and riding for an extension of the time for claiming apprentice weight allowances, and the apprentice shall be bound by the decision of the jurisdiction petitioned.

(5) When an individual is no longer eligible for the weight allowances of an apprentice jockey, the individual ceases to be an apprentice jockey and is considered a journeyman jockey.

B. Fees. An apprentice jockey shall be entitled to the regular jockey fees, except when riding a horse owned in part or solely by the contract holder.

C. Applicability of Jockey Regulations. An apprentice jockey is subject to all applicable provisions of this chapter regarding jockeys.