.22 Jockey Agents.

A. Each jockey agent shall obtain a license from the Commission. Before issuance of a license, a jockey agent may be required to satisfy the Commission of the jockey agent's financial responsibility which the jockey agent shall maintain so long as the jockey agent is licensed by the Commission.

B. Number of Jockeys an Agent May Be Permitted to Represent.

(1) A jockey agent may represent up to:

(a) Two journeymen jockeys; and

(b) One apprentice jockey.

(2) If a stable employs more than two contract jockeys, a jockey agent may represent all the jockeys under contract to that stable.

C. A jockey agent may not make or assist in the making of any engagement for any rider other than those the jockey agent is licensed to represent.

D. Conflicting claims for the services of a jockey shall be decided by the stewards and first call shall have priority.

E. No person other than an owner, trainer, jockey agent, or authorized agent of an owner in good standing shall make engagements for an apprentice jockey or jockey. However, a jockey not represented by an agent may make the jockey's own engagements.

F. Jockey agents shall explain rival claims for any mount or for any rider. Inability to satisfy the stewards that the rival claims arose through bona fide error shall create a presumption of fraud, and constitute cause for an agent's license to be revoked.

G. Examination for Jockey Agent's License. An applicant for an original jockey agent's license shall be given a written or oral examination by the stewards. An unsuccessful applicant shall be permitted by the stewards to reapply after a waiting period of not more than 2 months.

H. Naming of Jockeys.

(1) Jockey agents shall declare to the clerk of scales of the Association their first and second calls on a race not later than the scratch time for the race.

(2) A jockey may not accept more than two calls in any one race.

(3) An entry may be considered one call for the purpose of this section.

(4) An owner/trainer or authorized agent, or both, may not name a rider on a horse unless that person has a first or second call on that rider.