.21 Jockeys.

A. In order to be eligible to participate in a race, a jockey shall be licensed by the Commission.

A-1. Except as provided in §A-2 of this regulation, to qualify for a jockey license, an individual shall continue to meet the physical requirements set forth under Regulation .23A of this chapter and shall:

(1) Have successfully completed an apprenticeship program as sanctioned by a jurisdiction which regulates racing; or

(2) Display, to the satisfaction of the stewards, that the individual meets all of the other requirements under Regulation .23A of this chapter, except §A(1)(b) of that regulation.

A-2. Restricted Jockey License. Based on the degree of competency demonstrated, an individual who does not wish to be licensed as a jockey under the provisions of §A-1 of this regulation may be granted a jockey license by the Commission, and this license shall restrict the individual to riding in:

(1) Races for amateur jockeys;

(2) Steeplechase races; or

(3) Other races designated by the Commission.

B. An individual younger than 16 years old may not be licensed as a jockey.

C. A jockey shall ride under the jockey's legal name.

D. The stewards may permit a jockey to ride pending action on the jockey's application for a license.

E. A jockey under suspension in any state or foreign country may not ride during the period of the jockey's suspension except as provided under Regulation .45AA of this chapter.

F. A jockey may not smoke in public while wearing racing colors.

G. While riding in a race, a jockey shall wear a number on the jockey's right arm which shall correspond to the:

(1) Saddle cloth number of the horse the jockey is riding in the race; and

(2) Number of the horse the jockey is riding in the race as printed in the official program.

H. Weight.

(1) A jockey who is engaged to ride in a race shall:

(a) Report to the scale room on the day of the race not later than the time specified by the clerk of the scales;

(b) Report the jockey's engagements and over weights, if any, not later than the time specified by the clerk of the scales;

(c) Remain in the jockey room, except to view the races from a point approved by the stewards, or to ride in a race, until all of the jockey's engagements for the day have been fulfilled; and

(d) Weigh out at the appointed time unless excused by the stewards.

(2) A jockey who has an engagement to ride in a stake race shall report to the clerk of the scales not later than 1 hour before the post time of that race.

I. A fine shall be paid by the jockey upon whom the fine was levied, and any other person paying this fine shall be subject to appropriate action by the Commission.

J. A jockey may not have more than one agent.

J-1. All engagements to ride, other than those for the contract employer of the jockey, shall be made by the:

(1) Jockey;

(2) Jockey's agent;

(3) Jockey's employer; or

(4) Clerk of the scales.

K. On a day that a jockey is scheduled to ride, the jockey may not bet on any race except:

(1) To win on a horse which the jockey is scheduled to ride; and

(2) Through the owner or trainer of that horse.

L. A jockey may not receive a gift from a person other than the owner or trainer of the horse for whom the jockey is riding.

M. A person may not:

(1) Knowingly act in the capacity of part owner, or trainer, of any horse in which a jockey possesses an interest;

(2) Make any bet with, or in behalf of, any jockey, except as provided in §K of this rule; or

(3) Aid or abet in any breach of these rules.

N. Ownership of Horses.

(1) Unless a jockey is licensed under the provisions of §A-2 of this regulation, the jockey may not be the owner of a thoroughbred race horse.

(2) If a jockey licensed under the provisions of §A-2 of this regulation owns a horse and that horse is in a race in which the jockey is riding, the jockey shall ride that horse.

O. Equipment. In addition to the equipment a jockey is otherwise required to use to ride a horse in a race, a jockey shall wear the following equipment which is designed to reduce the risk of injury on the racetrack:

(1) A safety helmet; and

(2) A safety vest:

(a) Weighing not more than 2 pounds, and

(b) Equaling or exceeding the requirements under Regulation .21-1 of this chapter.

P. A jockey who makes a frivolous complaint may be fined or suspended by the stewards or the Commission.

Q. The stewards shall penalize a jockey according to the gravity of the offense, if, without adequate cause, the jockey does not:

(1) Put forth every reasonable effort and exercise the greatest diligence in riding a race; or

(2) Ride out a horse in a race.

R. Use of the Whip.

(1) Except to control a horse, a jockey or any other individual may not strike a horse with a whip:

(a) On or about the horse's head; or

(b) Under the horse's flank.

(2) During the running of a race, a jockey:

(a) Shall use the whip in a manner that is consistent with the jockey's best effort to obtain the maximum placing of the horse in the race; and

(b) May not use the whip in a brutal manner when it is apparent that the horse the jockey is riding has obtained its maximum placing in the race.

(3) If a trainer does not want the jockey who is riding the trainer's horse in a race to carry a whip, the trainer shall:

(a) Obtain permission from the stewards; and

(b) Notify the jockey who is riding the horse.