.20 Identification of Horses.

A. All horses shall be identified to the satisfaction of the stewards except:

(1) Under the provisions of §A(2) of this regulation, the original certificate, or a duplicate, issued by the Jockey Club (New York) for thoroughbreds, or issued by the national office, or other office as specified, for the breeds concerned for nonthoroughbreds, shall show original markings and shall be filed with the racing secretary before an entry will be allowed to start;

(2) When a horse has previously started and there is sufficient documentation to properly identify the horse, the stewards may allow the horse to start, however, the trainer is subject to a fine for failure to comply with the provisions of §A(1) of this regulation.

B. A horse may not be allowed to race unless it has been lip tattooed or digitally tattooed by the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau (TRPB). For good cause, the stewards may waive this requirement if the horse is otherwise properly identified. However, the horse shall be tattooed thereafter within a time set by the stewards.