.20-1 Exercise Rider.

A. Exercise Rider License.

(1) An exercise rider shall:

(a) Be licensed by the Commission; and

(b) Except as provided in §A(2) of this regulation, be 16 years old or older.

(2) An individual who is 15 years old may apply for an exercise rider license, if the parent or legal guardian of the applicant files with the Commission an affidavit which states that:

(a) The applicant shall only exercise horses trained by the parent or legal guardian;

(b) The parent or legal guardian shall directly supervise the applicant when the applicant is performing the duties associated with the exercising of a horse; and

(c) The applicant shall otherwise comply with the requirements of this regulation.

B. An applicant for an original exercise rider's license shall:

(1) Be sponsored by a trainer licensed by the Commission; and

(2) Demonstrate to the satisfaction of the stewards that the applicant has sufficient riding experience to justify the issuance of a temporary license.

C. Upon satisfying the requirements of §B of this regulation, the Commission shall issue to the applicant a 10-day temporary exercise rider's license.

D. During the period of temporary licensure, the applicant shall be observed as to the applicant's ability to exercise horses by:

(1) A licensed trainer other than the trainer who sponsored the applicant;

(2) An outrider employed by a racing association licensed under Business Regulation Article, §11-508, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(3) A licensed jockey selected by the stewards.

E. Upon the completion of the temporary licensure period, the applicant shall submit to the stewards the evaluations of the individuals designated under §D of this regulation regarding the ability of the applicant to exercise horses.

F. After reviewing the evaluations in §E of this regulation, the stewards shall take the following action:

(1) Remove the temporary status from the applicant's license, making it permanent for the remainder of the calendar year; or

(2) Disapprove the issuance of the permanent exercise rider's license.

G. If the applicant is disapproved by the stewards, the applicant may appeal this decision to the Commission in accordance with Regulation .45V(3) of this chapter.

H. While performing the duties of an exercise rider, an individual shall wear the following equipment which is designed to reduce the risk of injury on the racetrack:

(1) A safety helmet;

(2) A safety vest which is equal to or exceeds the requirements set forth in Regulation .21-1 of this chapter; and

(3) Other equipment that the stewards consider appropriate.