.02 Definitions.

A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.

B. Terms Defined.

(1) "Added money" means the amount contributed to a purse in a race, other than the fees paid by those who nominated, entered, or started in the race.

(1-1) "Age" of a horse is calculated from the first of January in the year in which it is foaled.

(2) "Arrears" includes money due for entrance forfeits, fees (including jockey's fees), fines, subscriptions stake, purchase money in claiming or selling races, and any default in money incident to these rules.

(3) "Association" means a person or persons, partnership, corporate body, or any other entity licensed by the Commission to conduct a meeting where horse racing is permitted for any stake, purse, or reward.

(4) "Authorized agent" means an individual appointed by a person licensed as an owner to act as the owner's representative.

(5) A horse is "bred" at the place of his birth.

(6) The "breeder" of a horse is the owner of the horse's dam at the time of foaling.

(7) A "claiming race" is one in which, according to the conditions, any of the horses engaged may be claimed.

(8) "Commission" means the Maryland Racing Commission.

(9) A "free handicap" is one in which no liability is incurred for entrance money, stake, or forfeit, until acceptance of the weight, either directly or through omission to declare out.

(10) A "handicap" is a race in which the weights to be carried by the horses are adjusted by the handicapper for the purpose of equalizing their chances of winning.

(11) A "highweight handicap" is one in which the top weight may not be less than 140 pounds.

(12) "Horse" includes mare, gelding, colt, and filly. For racing purposes and programming, horses shall be designated as follows:

(a) Male—horse, colt, or gelding;

(b) Female—filly or mare.

(13) "Maiden" means a horse that has never won a race on the flat in a state or country where racing is supervised by a legalized racing commission or board, or where the races are covered by The Daily Racing Form or other similar authorized publications.

(14) A "match" is a race between two horses which are the property of two different owners, on terms agreed upon by them, and to which no money is added; the agreement shall be void if either owner dies.

(15) "Recognized meeting" means a meeting held with the sanction of the Commission upon a race course in the State operated by a duly licensed association at the place where the meeting is licensed to be held.

(16) The "nominator" is the person in whose name a horse is originally nominated for a race.

(17) An "optional claiming race" is one in which only those horses may be claimed which are entered for a claiming price.

(18) "Overnight race" means a race, for the purpose of applying the provisions of Business Regulation Article, §11-518(d), Annotated Code of Maryland, which is not a stakes race or a sweepstakes.

(19) "Owner" includes sole owner, part owner, and lessee of a horse.

(20) "Post time" means the time set for the arrival of the horses in a race at the starting point. The post time shall be shown a reasonable time before the race on a clock device provided for that purpose and shall be prominently displayed and clearly readable from the grandstand.

(21) A "private sweepstakes" is one to which no money or other prize is added and which, prior to closing, has not been advertised, either by publication, by circular, by entry blank, or in any other way.

(22) A "produce race" is one to be run for by the produce of horses named or described at the time of entry.

(23) A "purse race" is a race for money or other prize to which the owners of the horses engaged do not contribute.

(24) A "race" includes a stake, a purse, a sweepstakes, a private sweepstakes, a match, or an overnight event, but does not include a steeplechase or hurdle race.

(25) "Stakes race" means:

(a) For the purpose of applying the provisions of Business Regulation Article, §11-518(d), Annotated Code of Maryland, a race in which the purse consists of not less than $50,000 of added money; and

(b) For all other purposes, a race for which:

(i) Nominations close not later than 72 hours in advance of its running and for which a fee is assessed on the ownership of a horse that is either nominated to, or entered or started in, the race, or

(ii) Horses are invited by an association to run for a guaranteed purse of $50,000 or more without the payment of fees.

(26) A horse is a "starter" when the stall doors of the starting gate open in front of the horse at the time the starter dispatches the field.

(27) "Sweepstakes" means a race:

(a) For which fees or other contributions by three or more separate ownerships are distributed according to the conditions of the race; and

(b) To which money or other prize may be added.

(28) A "walkover" is a race in which only one horse starts, or in which all the starters are owned by the same interest.

(29) "Weight for age" means standard weight according to the scale of weights contained in these rules. A weight for age race is one in which all horses carry weight according to the scale, without penalties or allowances.