.01 Required Hours of Continuing Education.

A. To be eligible for renewal of a license, as required by Business Occupations and Professions Article, §6-310(c)(3), Annotated Code of Maryland, an applicant shall have completed during the prior license term:

(1) 10 hours of qualifying continuing education for renewal of a master license; and

(2) 5 hours of qualifying continuing education for renewal of a journeyperson license.

B. Acquisition of Qualifying Continuing Education.

(1) The continuing education required by §A of this regulation must have been obtained during the 24 months immediately preceding license renewal.

(2) Continuing education hours required by §A of this regulation obtained prior to the immediately preceding license term shall not be considered toward an applicant’s eligibility for license renewal.

C. The following standards will be used to measure the hours of credit to be given for acceptable continuing education programs completed by individual applicants.

(1) Only participation hours or the equivalent, and not hours devoted to preparation, shall be counted.

(2) Services as teacher, lecturer, or instructor of subject matter related to the provision of electrical services qualifying for continuing education credit shall be included to the extent that such services contribute to the licensee's occupational competence. Repetitious presentation, that is, those that are substantially the same subject material, may be included only once in each reporting cycle. Hours allowable in the capacity of teacher, lecturer, or instructor may not exceed 5 hours of the minimum requirements with no carry-over provision for excess hours.

(3) A teacher, lecturer, or instructor of a qualifying continuing education program shall receive 1 hour of continuing education credit for every hour of presentation or instruction.