.23 Experience or Education Requirement.

A. Trade Experience.

(1) An applicant for a home improvement contractor's license shall have at least 2 years of trade experience.

(2) "Trade experience" includes one or more of the following:

(a) Participation in a registered apprenticeship program;

(b) Employment in performing home improvements;

(c) Employment in performing commercial or residential construction, repairs, or renovations;

(d) Participation in a community service or charitable building or renovation program; or

(e) Performing repairs and improvements which require a building permit on one's home or the home of family members.

(3) Experience as a licensed home improvement salesperson for at least 2 years may be credited as trade experience, if the Home Improvement Commission determines that the applicant has gained substantial knowledge of the operation of a home improvement business.

B. Business Experience in Other Areas. Experience in the capacity of supervisor, manager, or owner of a business may be substituted for 1 year of the required trade experience, based on a review by the Home Improvement Commission, or an applicant for a home improvement contractor's license may substitute for the required trade experience educational training in:

(1) Vocational school training in a building trade; or

(2) Participation in a building trade work-study program.

C. Experience or educational qualifications of applicants for a home improvement contractor's license who have documented handicaps shall be considered by the Commission on an individual basis.