.16 Examination.

A. The examination shall be held as often as necessary at a test site determined by the Commission. This examination may be offered at various political subdivisions throughout the State. The examination shall include the law relating to the practice of home improvement contracting and the applicant's competence to perform home improvement work. The examination for competence may be oral or written.

B. Each applicant shall file with the Commission a written application on forms which will be furnished on request. The application must be filed not later than 1 week before the date on which the examination is held, and must be accompanied by the required fee, and a full face photograph, taken within the year preceding the initial application.

C. The passing mark shall be 70 in the subject matter. If the applicant has failed to pass the examination, he will not be eligible to reapply until 21 days have elapsed. A request for a second reconsideration received after the second failure will not be accepted until 60 days have elapsed.

D. If an applicant fails to sit for the examination as scheduled, the applicant shall, in order to be rescheduled for the examination, file a written application, on forms provided by the Commission, accompanied by the fee as determined in Business Regulation Article, §8-302(c), Annotated Code of Maryland. The Commission may, for good cause and upon written request of the applicant, waive the requirement for a subsequent fee.

E. The time limitation within which an applicant is required to pass is as stated in §C of this regulation. If an applicant has been denied registration of a license, because of failure to pass the examination, the applicant may submit to the Commission a request for reconsideration.

F. As soon as practicable after grading of the examination papers has been completed, every applicant will be notified in writing what his grades are. Within a period of 30 days after the notice, the applicant may request the Executive Director of the Commission for permission to review his examination papers.

G. The fee for the written examination shall be authorized as determined in Business Regulation Article, §8-302(c), Annotated Code of Maryland.

H. An applicant for a new license shall pass the examination within the 2-year period immediately preceding receipt of the license application by the Commission.