.07 Salesman's Representation of Contractors.

A. A salesman may not represent any contractor unless the salesman complies with the provisions of this regulation.

B. A salesman seeking to represent any contractor shall make application on forms provided by the Commission.

C. A salesman may not represent more than two contractors at any one time.

D. Before the Commission may authorize a salesman to represent two contractors at the same time, the salesman shall provide to the Commission the following:

(1) Written notice of appointment or employment signed by both the contractor duly licensed with the Commission and the salesman; and

(2) A copy of notification by certified mail, and evidence of its receipt, to each contractor represented by the salesman stating the names and addresses of each contractor represented by the salesman.

E. A contractor shall promptly notify the Commission when his association with any salesman is terminated, and a salesman shall promptly return to the Commission any authorization issued by the Commission to represent the contractor.