.03 Annual Registration.

A. This regulation does not require a consumer reporting agency to register each year information previously registered that remains unchanged.

B. A consumer reporting agency which issues consumer reports on residents of this State shall register with the Commissioner:

(1) On or before the effective date of these regulations; and

(2) On or before January 1 of each year after the effective date of these regulations.

C. To register under this regulation, a consumer reporting agency shall submit to the Commissioner in writing the following information:

(1) The legal name of the consumer reporting agency;

(2) The addresses of:

(a) The principal office, and

(b) All offices located in this State;

(3) The name of a responsible official of the consumer reporting agency who is available to respond expeditiously to inquiries or complaints referred by the Commissioner or the Commissioner's designee;

(4) A toll-free telephone number for use by the Commissioner or the Commissioner's designee, at which the responsible official required to be identified in this section may be reached;

(5) A toll-free telephone number or numbers maintained by the consumer reporting agency which is available to all Maryland residents for making inquiries;

(6) A certification that trained personnel sufficient to promptly and properly investigate and respond to consumer complaints and inquiries are available; and

(7) The mailing address or addresses to which a consumer may correspond with the consumer reporting agency in order to:

(a) Obtain a copy of their consumer report, and

(b) File written complaints or disputes about the accuracy of information contained in their consumer report.

D. If the information supplied in a consumer reporting agency's registration submission becomes inaccurate at any time during the calendar year, the consumer reporting agency shall immediately submit to the Commissioner written notice of the changes.