.06 Response to Request.

Within 30 days after the completed request for correction or amendment that complies with Regulations . 03 and .04 is received, the custodian of the record shall:

A. Make the requested correction or amendment and inform the person of the action; or

B. Inform the person in writing of the:

(1) Department's refusal to make the requested correction or amendment, and

(2) Reason for the refusal; or

C. Inform the person in writing that the request will not be acted on because:

(1) The person is not a person in interest;

(2) The records sought to be corrected or amended are not personal records;

(3) The person requesting the correction or amendment is not entitled to inspect the records under State Government Article, § 10-615--10-619, Annotated Code of Maryland; or

(4) Of any other reason authorized by law.