.10 Boating Safety Education Certificate.

A. A person born after July 1, 1980, may not operate a vessel that is required to be numbered, without obtaining a certificate of boating safety education from this State or another state by satisfactorily completing a course of instruction in boating safety administered by:

(1) The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary;

(2) The U.S. Power Squadron;

(3) The Maryland Department of Natural Resources;

(4) The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources; or

(5) A person certified to teach the course administered by West Virginia or Maryland Natural Resources Boating Safety Education personnel.

B. A person who is subject to §A of this regulation shall:

(1) Possess a certificate of boating safety education when operating a vessel on the Lake; and

(2) Show the certificate on demand of a law enforcement officer authorized to enforce the provisions of this chapter.

C. The following persons are exempt from this section:

(1) A resident of a state other than Maryland or West Virginia who is visiting the Lake for 60 days or less in a vessel that is numbered in another state if the person:

(a) Is 15 years old or older, and

(b) Has been issued a boating safety certificate, if required by that state, in accordance with the criteria of the National Association of Boating Law Administrators;

(2) A person visiting the Lake for 90 days or less in a vessel from a country other than the United States; or

(3) A person who is operating a vessel in connection with commercial purposes.