.09 Skin and Scuba Diving.

A. Exception. The provisions of this regulation do not apply to professional skin or scuba divers:

(1) Engaged in demolition, salvage, construction, rescue, or repair work during the regular course of business; and

(2) Who are registered with the Lake manager.

B. Skin and scuba diving is permitted in all areas of the Lake except:

(1) Restricted areas which are:

(a) Above the dam, and

(b) Around the intake tower;

(2) Heavily traveled boat lanes;

(3) Narrow channels; and

(4) Areas where visibility is obscured.

C. Diver Down Flag.

(1) A person may not skin or scuba dive in waters of the Lake unless the diving area is marked by one diver down flag displayed at all times while a diver is in the water.

(2) Flag Requirements. A flag shall:

(a) Have a red field with a diagonal stripe not less than 1-1/2 inches wide running upper left to lower right;

(b) Have dimensions not less than 10 inches x 10 inches;

(c) Have the top visible at least 3 feet above the surface of the water;

(d) Be anchored and affixed to a separate flotation device;

(e) Have no attachment to any vessel or navigational device; and

(f) Have placement that avoids and does not obstruct boat traffic.

(3) A diver shall surface within 100 feet of the diver down flag marking that diver's area.