.04 Boating on Jennings Randolph Lake.

A. A person operating a vessel on waters of Jennings Randolph Lake shall comply with the Federal Inland Navigation Rules Act of 1980, 33 CFR 84—90.

B. Except where specifically regulated in this chapter, an operator of a vessel on the Lake shall comply with current U.S. Coast Guard regulations including:

(1) Safety equipment;

(2) Personal flotation devices that are:

(a) Type I, II, III, or, when worn, Type V devices;

(b) Appropriately sized to fit each person aboard;

(c) In serviceable condition; and

(d) Readily accessible.

C. A person younger than 15 years old may not operate or be permitted to operate a vessel with propulsion machinery on waters of the Lake, except persons 12 to 15 years old may operate such a vessel if a person 18 years old or older is aboard the vessel.

D. A person may not operate, or give permission to operate, a vessel in a reckless or negligent manner which endangers the life, limb, or property of another.

E. A person operating a vessel may not create a wake or exceed minimum/no wake speed in an area marked by no wake buoys.

F. A person may not operate a vessel:

(1) Within 100 feet of a diver down flag;

(2) In the restricted area established above the dam, around the intake tower; or

(3) In any other restricted area that may be approved by the Department.

G. A person may not place buoys or other markers on waters of the Lake without the prior written permission of the Lake manager. This includes moorings, any type of ski course, or other competitive waterborne activity.

H. Waste Products.

(1) Except in containers approved for the collection of these items, a person may not deposit garbage, sewage, waste, food stuff, paper, or any obnoxious material in the waters of the Lake or anywhere on the Lake project.

(2) A person may not operate a vessel on the Lake if the vessel is equipped with a marine sanitation device that allows for the external discharge of treated or untreated marine sewage.

I. A person may not operate a recreational vessel with a length in excess of 26 feet as measured using existing Coast Guard standards of measurement.

J. A vessel carrying passengers for hire may not be:

(1) Operated without prior written permission from the Lake manager; and

(2) More than 50 feet in length.

K. A person may not operate a sea plane or float plane on the Lake without the prior written permission of the Lake manager.