.01 Controlled Water Ski Areas.

A. The Department may designate a controlled water ski area within the waters of the State.

B. The controlled water ski area may contain ski slalom course(s) that must meet the ski slalom requirements set by the American Water Ski Association (AWSA).

C. Permits and use restrictions:

(1) A valid U.S. Army Corps permit for the area shall be obtained and be on file with the U.S. Army Corps and Maryland DNR.

(a) The U.S. Army Corps permit holder shall have the responsibility to mark the course in accordance with their U.S. Army Corps permit.

(b) The U.S. Army Corps permit holder has the responsibility to maintain U.S. Coast Guard approval for all markings on the course.

(2) A controlled water ski course may be used for practice. Other uses may require separate approval from the federal, State, or local agencies.

(3) The course shall only be used as a ski slalom course by vessels which display a DNR Ski Sticker as described in

(4) A person shall not operate or give permission to operate a vessel for the purpose of towing a water skier on the slalom ski course on Saturdays, Sundays and State Holidays between 12 noon and sunset during the months of June, July or August.

(5) A person may not place or give permission to place a mooring buoy near the ski slalom course when the arc of the swing is closer than 200 feet to the ski slalom course as approved location in the U.S. Army Corps permit.

(6) Only vessels displaying the DNR Ski Sticker and actively participating in water skiing on the controlled water ski course may exceed the regulated speed limit for the area.

(7) A person may not operate or give permission to operate a vessel across or within the permitted course, when the course is in use by a vessel which displays the required sticker and is towing a skier or assisting a fallen skier on the course.

D. A violation of the U.S. Army Corps permit or these regulations may result in enforcement of speed limit regulations and removal of the course by the State.