.02 Personal Watercraft Livery Operation.

A. In addition to Regulation .01 of this chapter, a personal watercraft livery owner shall:

(1) Prominently display the personal watercraft regulations in COMAR 08.18.02;

(2) Advise renters or operators to read COMAR 08.18.02;

(3) Within 30 days of the effective date of COMAR 08.18.02, add to the rental contract a statement that the renter or operator has read and understands the personal watercraft regulations; and

(4) Retain the statement signed by the renter and rider for at least 30 days and make it available to the Department upon request.

B. A personal watercraft livery owner, livery owner's agent, or employee may not lease or rent a personal watercraft unless the renter is 16 years old or older and, if born after July 1, 1972, possesses a boating safety certificate as required in Natural Resources Article, §8-712.2, Annotated Code of Maryland.

C. An operator of a personal watercraft rented from a livery owner is exempt from the requirements of Natural Resources Article, §8-712.2, Annotated Code of Maryland, if the livery owner has entered into a valid agreement with the Department.

D. In order to comply with the agreement in §C of this regulation, the livery owner shall:

(1) Provide boating education materials to all operators of personal watercraft;

(2) Administer a written test to each operator of a personal watercraft;

(3) Require a minimum score on the test of 90 percent; and

(4) Provide guides certified by the Department to oversee the operators of personal watercraft in those waters of the State determined by the Department as necessitating the use of guides for the safety of the public.