.01 Livery Vessel Operation.

A. A livery vessel owner or his agent or employee may not permit any vessel to depart from his premises unless equipped, either by the livery owner or the person renting the vessel, with the lifesaving and safety equipment required by the Natural Resources Article and regulations adopted subsequent to it.

B. Record.

(1) Livery vessel owners shall keep a record of each vessel rented. The record shall show the:

(a) Maryland number of the vessel and horsepower of motor;

(b) Name and address of the person or persons operating or riding on the vessel at the time of departure;

(c) Name and phone number of an emergency contact person not on board at the time of departure;

(d) Date and time of departure and expected time of return; and

(e) Lifesaving and safety equipment on board, and by whom furnished.

(2) This record shall be preserved for at least 30 days and be made available to enforcement officers upon request.

C. A livery vessel owner or his agent or employee may not rent or lease a vessel to an operator born after July 1, 1972, unless that operator possesses a boating safety certificate as required in Natural Resources Article, §8-712.2, Annotated Code of Maryland.